Council’s Subletting Info

The Camden Council’s guide for sub-letting tenants can be found below or here.

As a tenant in a Camden leasehold property you must sign a Deed of Covenant agreeing to comply with some of the conditions of the lease.

Below are the conditions you are required to meet.

Access: Camden officers or their contractors have the right to enter the property to carry out inspections and repairs and maintenance works to the property and any communal services that run through it. We must give you at least 48 hours notice, unless there is an emergency

Nuisance: You must not cause a nuisance or cause damage to Camden or other residents. This applies to everyone living in your home and any visitors.

  • you must not use the property for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • if you have pets you must keep them under control.
  • you must not harass neighbours or any of their visitors.
  • you must not obstruct or leave any items in communal areas.
  • you must place any refuse in the designated area. You must not throw anything from the windows of the property.
  • Televisions, radios and so on should only be played at reasonable levels at reasonable hours. No one should be able to hear noise outside any flat. You must take all reasonable precautions to avoid noise nuisance of any kind.

If you are found to be causing a nuisance or harassment, Camden Council can take legal action against you.

Use of property: The property can only be used for residential purposes. You may not:

  • use the property for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • hold any sale by auction in the property.
  • run a business from the property.

You must make good any damage to the building or estate caused by you, your visitors or your workmen.

Alterations: You must not make any alterations to the structure or fabric of the property without obtaining Camden’s written approval. You must ask for our permission before you complete any alterations.

Communal areas: You have the right to use common parts of the building and the estate. You must not cause an obstruction by depositing items such as furniture in the communal parts of the building. You must make sure that any vehicles you park on the estate do not cause a nuisance and/or obstruction.